Thursday, February 18, 2010

Samui On My Mind

It's been a while! As you all may have read and heard, with Brandon's accident it's been quite a week. However, I'm very happy to say that he's healing rapidly and well and should be back to drinking and driving in no time. I'm kidding! I think this accident has made him think a lot, and he will take it as a very important lesson. I'm also happy to report that he will stay and continue the trip with us, because for a while we were all convinced he was headed home.

Today is our last day in Samui. We're definitely ready to head out and see new places, but the memories we've made and the people we've met on this island will last forever. It was truly a magical experience and we were blessed to have had it turn out this way. And even though this is only our first time here, we feel like part of the family along with Kob, John who's been here 7 times and the Guernsey boys who are following in the same footsteps. Our last night was fun and much like all the others, we sat around a good bottle of whiskey and laughed and told stories till late hours of the night. Now we're headed off to Koh Pagnang where we will stay a few days to check out the island and take a day trip to Koh Tao, known for it's snorkeling and diving. We leave Samui with a heavy heart, but mostly heavy from all the friendships and incredible moments we've had. And to any of our readers who may ever consider Thailand as a possible destination, i would highly recommend Koh Samui as a must-see :) You may even find us or some of our friends hanging out on the premises of Chu Chi Mansion, surrounded by thick, lush leaves and tall palms.
For now, we'll see you later :)


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  1. This place sounds like an absolute dream giulia, i can twait to someday retire there anfd talk to all of your friends all day long. oh yeah, and tell brandon to take it easy lol