Sunday, February 7, 2010

One Month!

It's our one month anniversary in Thailand today! It still feels like it's been much longer though. I finally convinced a couple of the guys to write on here so hopefully we still have readers, even if it is just our parents :)

I'll begin...We're definitely gonna miss Samui when we leave in less than 2 weeks. Besides our tight quarters and dirty living conditions (not on my part of course haha) we love everyone here and I have a good feeling they like us a little bit too :)

Unfortunately Brandon is in the hospital, he ok though! We had a rough night a couple nights ago...apparently he called a sort of virus or something from a small water bug called typhus and it can knock you down a little for a few days. We sort of researched it and it's nothing serious, but they're taking good care of him. The hospitals here are incredible and besides all the craziness the night we took him there, we had a few good laughs. After me and him got to the hospital at 4:30 am, they were hooking up strange gadgets on his chest and ankles and wrists and while everyone was testing and explaining things to us Bran was like "take a picture" so I'm sitting there snapping kodak moments while he's half breathing, and then suddenly the assistant told us the nurse was his wife and he looked at his watch and realized it was already a new day and told her "Happy Birthday!" and for a minute or two everyone dropped everything they were doing to Bran and starting clapping and yelling "Happy Birthday!!!" haha odd to say the least. But we finally got somewhat of a good night's sleep because those beds are super comfy and we had them all to ourselves. On the down side every time we'd start falling asleep, someone would come in and turn on the lights to check temperatures, or give Bran pills and stuff. Well, now that they've agreed he's gonna be fine they're holding him there a bit longer just for last precautions, so we've visited him a couple times and he should be out of there tomorrow (Monday here) morning or maybe even tonight to catch the Super Bowl. So good thing he's ok, now we just have to see when me and Trevor are gonna end up in the hospital, because we're feeling left out.

Besides that everything's still smooth. We got some new neighbors, very lively fellows, so our Chuchi crowd is very fun at night and we all share stories and laughs over some snacks, beers, or whatever the people here cook. The other night we gave our friend Mai, aka Mai Tai, money to go to the market and she made an amazing dinner for us! She's our age and she's so sweet! She's always laughing or joking around, and it's been fun hanging out with her. Tomorrow she starts her new job so we won't see her as much but we've had a good week with her. Bam (the other girl that works at Chuchi) has this electronic Thai-English translator that sounds words out for you and she speaks with the same intonation as the translator and it's so funny but cute. Singha Minga's a mess! haha She's ALWAYS drunk and she's actually been gone for the last 3 days, who knows where, but she was here today bright and early with a bottle of Singha in hand haha. The british guys from Gernsey tripled, because 6 of their friends arrived last week and they're all staying here as well. Due to this we've all picked up some good sayings like "let's get involved" (as in let's party) or "wrecked" for drunk, "bird" for girl, and many we may come back with a fuller vocab and a Gernsey accent because we can't seem to stop talking in one. We also say "mate" and that's pretty terrible haha.

There was a bbq here the other night and some older french people that are staying here too are in a band (folky/americana/type) and they had banjos and trombones etc. so we had a lot of fun and Bran even played the banjo for a while...not bad I must say! Steve also brought some friends and we might go out with them one of these nights. Then there's Ket who lives here, she's Thai, and she's very intense and mysterious but also very cool. She's been here 4 months and we've rarely seen her around the mansion, but she came out of her room a few days ago and we loosened her up and it turns out she's a badass and probably part of the Thai mafia, because she doesn't work, she loves gambling and soccer, and is possibly the best pool player I've ever seen. So yeah, intense, but very nice! Today we finally got our room cleaned and I think the lady that cleaned it will have to recover for a few days, because she was in there for like 3 hours and she looked like she climbed everest rather than cleaned our room when she came out. We're just gonna take it easy these last days we have on Samui and try to enjoy them fully before we head on to Pukhet.

Miss you all much!


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