Monday, February 1, 2010

Let's Get Involved

I finally got Bran to write something so now you probably won't hear back from him for another 3 months lol. So yeah we're definitely getting used to things, besides drinking (which we've all decided to take a little break from). Yesterday we laid low all day and then went to this bbq place that was 140 Bht per person and it's all you can eat and you get a big cooker pot thing at your table and you cook your own food. Delicious really! There was all kinds of meats and veggies and seafood and yum! We went with Sean, and Tome (two of the british guys we hang with) and Bam and Mai (her friend that comes and hangs out at the mansion sometimes).

So my birthday was incredible! Much more exciting than I was expecting. After I cameto the cafe and posted that last blog I was supposed to meet up with the guys on the beach, but I was in here so long that I missed them by minutes. So I went and hung on the beach for a couple hours and then headed back to hopefully find them. On my way back I ran into Tre who had a scooter, which they had gotten so we could go to Chaweng for my bday dinner, and he took me back up to the mansion. We all got ready and headed to Chaweng to get a nice dinner, but ended up having one of the worst dinners ever! It was so expensive and our food tasted like a tv dinner pizza. So we came back to Lamai and all split a large one at our fav Italian place here in Lamai (yeah I know we're eating like gringos, but you gotta cut us some slack, we've been eating rice and pad thai for a month now). After that we went back home and Steve was there to surprise me with the peeps from the mansion. They had all bought some whiskeys and cocktails and they boys found me an ice cream cake at Dairy Queen! believe it or not. So it was a great time and we all had fun.

The next day we relaxed again, and I went into town, where our friends at the massage parlor gave me all these good luck bracelets and a necklace and a ring and they got me a little cake. How sweet! They're such nice girls. We hung out with them most of the day and then it was back to the bars at night. We all kinda got separated, until much later and I found Tre and Bran stumbling around headed to the beach. We hung out for a while and then I went and said hello to my friends at the restaurant where we met Jonas (the Swedish guy). I had some curry with all of them and then headed home.

The next day was the Full Moon party on Koh Phanang, which we had all planned on attending, but from the morning the guys all decided they were partied out and didn't feel like they could make it. I still really wanted to go, but I was a little nervous about heading out there alone...I knew about 10-15 people that were going, but we're talking a 30/40,000 people rager on the beach. I thought about it all day long, until about 6 pm. By then the guys were still passed out and Than was in no mood to do much, so I decided to go and see what happened. I headed into town and found the cheapest taxi to the pier and got on a speed boat without thinking about it too much. I got to Koh Phanang around 8 or so and I got a little panicked. Swarms of people EVERYWHERE filled the streets and you couldn't tell right from left. I began following a crowd, to try to find the actual beach where the party was. I weaved in and out of streets following random crowds for a good 15 minutes until I found the beach. There was already people dancing and partying and some Thai jugglers were doing tricks with big fire sticks. I started heading down the beach searching for a familiar face, which I was almost certain I wouldn't find. Not even 5 minutes later I hear my name. I turned around and it was Chris, Nick, and this guy Anthony we met on the plane to Bangkok. Ridiculous! I still can't believe I ran into those guys. We ended up hanging out all night. The party was a lot of fun and a lot less scary than anyone was expecting. Here and there you got offered something, but most people just stuck to their drinks and danced all night. We also met some other cool people. It was definitely worth one more night of craziness to see it, but the morning after I was so glad to have a boat to take me back to Koh Samui where it is peaceful. I think the guys were a little worried I wouldn't make it back, but I was very happy to prove them wrong.

We're still recovering from last week, so we're taking it easy today as well. Chris and Nick headed this way too, so we're gonna try to find them today or tomorrow and show them around Lamai. In a couple days we might try the mountain hike again to see if we can get to the top this time.

Big hugs to you all and I'm out!


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