Friday, January 8, 2010

Vegas wishes it was as crazy as Khaosan Rd!!!

Hey guys!

First post! I'll get right on it and give you a breakdown of our trip so far. Tues morning, fresh and ready to go...little nervous, but extremely excited. We make it to San Fran where we have about an hour till our flight to Seoul and we find out there's a sudden security checkpoint with a line that pretty much extends halfway through the airport. Thankfully we make it JUST in time to our next flight with not a minute to prepare for the 11 and 1/2 hour flight up ahead. With a nice combo of Xanax for Bran and some complimentary Asiana Airline brews we make it through the flight. We meet Faron...CRAZY guy from Wisconsin who's traveled Thailand and back a good 4 times. Having no accomodations for the first night in Bangkok we decide to spend our first night with him on Khaosan Road. When we finally get to BKK we don't even know who we are. We leave the airport with Faron and really quickly figure out that we underestimated the heat out here, and that Faron may be our savior. The guy speaks a rough but very good Thai and get's us into a Taxi and soon to our hotel on Khaosan, where we can leave our bags but have 8 hours before check in time.

Khaosan is like Bourbon St. on crack! crazy signs and people EVERYWHERE! Colors and lights...people of all shapes and ethnicities...little food carts with strange noodles and fruits that look and smell absolutely heavenly. We head to a small restaurant familiar to Faron and the boys grab some beers. A severe case of jet lag keeps up from really soaking things up the first night we are there. The rest of the night is a blur we walked the few blocks surrounding our area and tried to make it till morning. Finally around 7 am they let us go upstairs and chill by the pool. We fall asleep as the sun rises and FINALLY get our room.

Since then we've gotten our rest in and have visited some other areas of BKK like the mall, which is 7 stories high! The food is deliscious and super cheap. The guys also had some tasty grasshoppers, except bran's only made it halfway down his throat :) Yeah...I wimped out because these were more like mutated beasts that were bigger than my face haha. Besides that we're livin' the dream! We found Chris and Nick and have been hanging out with them these past couple nights, along with our new friend Stefanie from Switzerland and a few more colorful characters walking around. Today we're gonna go see some temples and tonight's our last night on Khaosan and we're off tomorrow to Jomtien Beach where we're gonna stop and visit a friend of my mom's and he's hopefully gonna fill us in on some Thai must-see's. Hope you're all doing great back home and we miss you lots!


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