Monday, January 11, 2010

Second Stop...Jomtien Beach


Greetings from Jomtien! We finally got out of the craziness that was Bangkok. Our last day there we visited a few temples and sites and rode in tuk tuks which are pretty much gangly scooters with some sort of body mounted on with 2 seats to fit passengers. Riding through Bkk traffic was definitely an experience and so was getting ripped off by the tuk tuk driver; They get comissioned from these middle eastern suit stores to bring their passengers there in the hopes that they'll buy stuff. Well, we wasted time going in there and I got my camera stolen :( (or so we think) but that's ok, we still had a good time, the temples we saw were the ones with the lucky buddha and the sitting buddha. Both were super chill and quiet with these elaborate murals on each wall. We also checked out a temple on a little mountain where you climb stairs to the top and you can see all of Bkk. That city's HUGE! It could fit at least 20 Denvers.

So yesterday we left and got on a bus to Pattaya, which is much crazier thank Khaosan Rd. and three times as filled with prosties and lady boys haha, oh yeah you get used to them around here, no matter what city you're in. But Jomtien beach is only 15/20 mins away from Pattaya and it's MUCH more relaxed. The beach isn't the best, but it does the job. We found a little guest house, beach front, with ac which is always nice. The shower and toilet are in the same place so the whole bathroom gets wet when you shower, but we got a pretty good deal! The crowds are a bit different too, it's full of old europeans and barely any young people, but it's still a good spot. Last night we met up with Enzo (my mom's old friend) and his girlfriend and they took us to "Walking Street" which is where all the craziness is in Pattaya. We walked around and saw all the clubs and stores and then headed back because we were pretty beat. Today we laid on the beach till the afternoon and then Enzo took us to a Muay Thai gym and the guys did an hour and a half of Muay Thai lesson, which knocked them out. P.S. Muay Thai is Thai kickboxing. We'll have pictures of that up too sometime soon. Sadly we're at a disadvantage on cameras because I lost mine, and Bran didn't bring a usb cord to upload pics :/ But we'll try to figure it out soon.

For now the plan is to stay in Jomtien for a few more days, then check out 2 of the islands around here, one is a day trip and the other is a bit of a longer stay. After that we'll probably start heading south and island hop until we get to Phuket. On that is like 90 some degrees here and we send you warm thoughts while you're enjoying the winter chill :P j/k 


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