Wednesday, January 27, 2010

So It Goes

Hey Peeps!

First thing's first...Happy Birthday to Me!!! I get two bdays actually because back home it's not till tomorrow, how special haha.

I forget when we got to Samui, but it feels like it's been forever! Let's see, I think I left off at the party and the apartment. We're in tight corners but we're getting the hang of it. 2 days ago we took a hike to try and reach the top of the mountain here on the island. We followed this long path until we saw a little deviation in the road and decided to go up that way. About 5 minutes later we heard some gunshots at the top of the mountain so we got a little sketched out. We slowed down and were deciding whether to keep going or not and I suddenly got massacred by some mosquitoes within seconds. A minute later we heard a loud thump and about 5 feet from where we were standing these coconuts tumbled to the ground. That's when we decided the trees were tall enough and the jungle dense enough that we were most likely gonna get shot by a bullet or killed by flying coconuts, so I headed back down and told the guys I'd meet them back at the apartment. They reached me about 5 minutes later haha. All in all, it was a very good hike, we walked for a solid hour there and another one back. After we got back, they had finally fixed the pool, so the guys took a dip and i relaxed and showered. That night we went out to Chok Dee (good luck), a reggae bar Steve told us about and we watched the Vikings-Saints game...or rather, they watched because I tend to get very rapid ADD when I try and watch footbal :) we had a few beers and then headed to the beach. We spent a good 3 hours on the beach at night just looking at the waves and stars and appreaciating moments like that and our life. was a very hippie moment, but those are needed sometimes. Later, we contemplated making the trek back home, but 3 of us were still pretty awake, so Than went home to get some rest and we went to 7Eleven (our fave) to get some food. Me and Trevor paid for our goodies and walked out to find Brandon, who was having a beer with a strange looking fellow on the steps in front of a restaurant. We went up and the guy offered us some drinks inside.

This was Jonas.

Jonas is a 40 year old man from Sweden who has been enjoying Koh Samui for 2/3 months for the last 10 years. He owns a house out here and owns a demolition company back in Sweden. We found out he likes America, because once when he visited he happened to see a rocket ship launch and never forgot it, and he LOVES Vodka. He loves it so much that while were there he bought us white russians and soon sent a lady from the restaurant to by a bottle of Smirnoff and a bottle of Jack for us, because we told him back home we like whiskey. After a while it turns out he works for the restaurant we were at and the whole staff knew him well...they waited on us hand and foot and kept giving us drinks and food, which Jonas paid for. After the sun rose we had 7 new freinds and knew about 5 more words in Thai. We all headed to the beach, where they kept drinking and eating like there was no tomorrow. Trevor went home, and Brandon went to call Gene about some band stuff, and he never came back. I ended up having a long, but pleasant discussion about life with Jonas, who although was very odd turned out to be a very generous, sweet man. Around 9:30 a.m. I figured Bran was lost so I went off looking for him, but I didn't find him so I caught a ride back to the apt. He eventually made it back and we slept literally the entire day and following night, which leads us to now...

Today I woke up feeling grand. I got breakfast and talked to my parents, and now I am sitting here sharing all this with you fabulous people :) And since we pretty much celebrated my birthday the other night, I think for today we're gonna hang at the neach and have a nice dinner somewhere tonight.



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